Ilse Crawford guest edits Vogue Living

British design icon Ilse Crawford returns to the craft of magazine making as the guest editor of this special issue of Vogue Living.

British designer Ilse Crawford, above, designs across all disciplines, from product and interior design to brand creation and architecture. As the head of prestigious UK design firm Studioilse, Crawford spearheads design that puts humanity first, focusing on our responses to design as human beings, and on how good design can lead to change and revitalisation in even its most everyday incarnations. She believes passionately in design that “brings together the cool head and the warm heart” – emotional and intelligent pieces that speak to us.

Ilse Crawford was the founding editor of British Elle Decoration in 1989, introducing the world to a new style of interior design – homes imbued with individuality and emotion – and turning the title into a bible for modern living. She then became vice president of Donna Karan Home in New York, launching the DKNY homewares line before starting her own interior design firm. Today, Crawford is also head of Department of Man and Wellbeing at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, and the author of two bestsellers that embody her holistic philosophy to design and decoration, Home Is Where the Heart Is and Sensual Home. “I am fascinated by what drives us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel alive,” says Crawford, “…by what connects us to our surroundings, and gives meaning and shape to the things, spaces and services we use. A frame for life.”

The Ilse Crawford guest edition of Vogue Living is about soulful design that addresses human needs and begins from real life; design that puts the human experience at the core; and design that connects us, makes us more aware, stimulates us to learn, to be active, and to give as well as take. Here is a sneak peek…

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  1. […] This story was originally published in Vogue Living May/June 2011. […]

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