Milan Report 2011: Design Academy Eindhoven’s ‘This Way’ exhibition

Design Academy Eindhoven’s annual graduate showcase This Way lived up to expectations. Curated by British designer Ilse Crawford, who heads one of the school’s Departments, the show featured work chosen from 40 graduates including ‘XXXX’, a bench by Yuya Ushida made from repeated crossed bamboo sticks, coupling pins and metal rings. while the piece looks fragile, it’s flexible and hardwearing; push the sides and it changes size, as shown above.

Fellow graduate Dirk van der Kooij demonstrated that not all prototyping machines need be rapid or expensive, devising software to repurpose Fanuc, a fast but dilapidated machine formerly used in a Chinese factory, as a cost-effective prototyping machine. Fanuc works in a lower resolution than original rapid prototyping machines, which allows it to model robust versions of van der Kooij’s designs, such as the ‘Endless’ chairs layer by layer at a steady pace. The resulting coarse structure reveals the process’s distinct nature and resolution.


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