Chrissie Jeffery’s apartment: Now + Then

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Our cover story for our July/August issue is from an interior that belongs to the queen of Sydney fabrics, Chrissie Jeffery. Through her business manufacturing for the interior design industry and through her No Chintz stores, Jeffrey has possibly every fabric of the modern age across her work table. Some readers might remember the first time we published Jeffrey’s Sydney apartment. It was the cover story of Vogue Living September/October 2005. It’s interesting to compare the two stories, both shot by photographer Chris Court, and see how Jeffrey has changed and updated her interior with new textures, colours and artwork including the ethereal salt bush painting on the cover by Sydney-based artist Gabrielle Courtenay.

You can observe how Jeffrey lives with fabrics at home and how she has reworked some of the furniture and homewares from the earlier design within the apartment’s reincarnation.

We invite your comments below on what reappears and where and so readers can have a close look at both stories we have decided to provide them in PDF format for free:

  • In Stitches, Vogue Living September/October 2005 download
  • Rest Azured, Vogue Living July/August 2011 download

Do you prefer the shades of green and soft cherry reds and pinks of the 2005 story or the stormy blue colour palette that dominates the apartment’s new décor?

Vogue Living July/August is on news stands now. To subscribe visit here.

4 Responses to “Chrissie Jeffery’s apartment: Now + Then”
  1. Paula says:

    Great to see both homes a few years apart. And love love love that you have a blog that expands on the goodness in your magazine!

  2. Emilie Verbeek says:

    From what brand is the blue applied in the hallway (October version)?

  3. Laura says:

    I love this concept! I would love to see more of this. “Homes re-visited” I love seeing it too, when people find the old real estate listing and then the new one and how the space has evolved or how different owners have interpreted the same space.

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