Object lessons: Nathalie du Pasquier

In Vogue Living Sept/Oct 2011 we take you into the studio of one of Postmodernism’s legendary rule-breakers.

Two stories in the current issue of Vogue Living link back to an influential design movement of the 1980s, Italian design and architecture collective – the Memphis Group. In the first story, we take a look at how Abigail Crompton of Third Drawer Down, the Melbourne ‘museum of art souvenirs’ famous for its limited-edition tea towels, came across the designs of Nathalie du Pasquier (pictured above and below).

One of the founding members of Memphis, du Pasquier has worked with Crompton to reissue select Memphis patterns across a range of homewares. Our Melbourne editor Annemarie Kiely found that story for us and bet us that du Pasquier’s own studio, in the heart of Milan, would be worth seeing too. We investigated and she was right. You can see that creative space for yourself — an airy third-floor studio where the Bordeux-born artist produces her still life paintings of domestic objects and minimal wooden constructs —  on page 148 of Vogue Living Sept/Oct 2011.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect, here’s a sneak peak of du Pasquier’s studio featuring images that are exclusive to the Vogue Living blog.

Photography: Mikkel Vang

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