A Chez Panisse favourite: How to candy a rose petal

As part of a tribute to Chez Panisse on its 40th birthday, David Prior shares how to make the beautiful candied rose petals from what is arguably America’s most famous restaurant:
To produce candied rose petals gently pluck the individual petals from unsprayed roses.

With a soft-bristle paintbrush, carefully paint with egg whites.

Cover in fine organic sugar. Leave candied petals to dry on a rack.

Serve them the Panisse way, atop a Rose Geranium Pavlova.

This recipe appeared as part of ‘Organic Uprising’, a story by David Prior on pages 63 to 69 of Vogue Living Sept/Oct 2011 and republished here.

Photographer: Eric Wolfinger
Producer/text: David Prior

5 Responses to “A Chez Panisse favourite: How to candy a rose petal”
  1. S.P. says:

    Gorgeous! I had already torn the page out of Vogue Living. Trying it with my roses this week!

  2. mdurazo says:

    The photos are beautifully shot!

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