Boy’s Own: Lord Coconut

Melbourne gents now have a boy’s club of sorts in Lord Coconut – a retailer and gallery selling contemporary jewellery designed exclusively for men.

As Australia’s undisputed capital of contemporary jewellery, Melbourne isn’t short on galleries devoted to wearable works of art. But it took Tamara and Mark Boldiston to identify that there was a gap the market – Australia was lacking a space exclusively for the sartorially inclined male. The husband and wife team’s retail space and gallery Lord Coconut goes a long way to bridging the divide.

Located in Carlow House on Flinders Lane – an inner-city hot spot for contemporary jewellery galleries – the space sells contemporary pieces designed exclusively for men. It takes its unusual name from a real figure, the mysterious Lord Coconut, a member of Melbourne’s elite society in the late nineteenth century with unverifiable aristocratic roots and an undisputably hazy history. One of the few things fact-checkable about the Lord is that he established ‘Lord Coconut’s Emporium of Wonder’ in 1891, a private Melbourne gallery selling exotic finds sourced from across the globe.

The Boldistons’ contemporary reincarnation plays homage to the alleged adventurous spirit of its namesake while channeling a British colonial obsession with exploration in the name of science. Taxidermy animals, including a haughty looking wild goat that has become “the unofficial mascot of the store” says Mark, watch over masculine accoutrements – stick pins, cufflinks, fob chains, and other bits and bobs – created by a series of local and interstate jewelers, artists and craftspeople.

Housed within glass domes and spread amongst antique specimen cases, Lord Coconut’s bounty appears worthy if not of entomological, geological and anthropological study, then certainly of acquisition by collectors with an eye for the unusual.

Lord Coconut,
Suite 3, Level 4, Carlow House, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 0450 015 263.

Producer: Georgie Bean
Text: Madeleine Hinchy
Photographer: Marcel Aucar

One Response to “Boy’s Own: Lord Coconut”
  1. Lord Coconut says:

    Thanks for the lovely store story.

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