Milan Design Week 2012: Friday 20 April

Day 5 was full of surprises as brands presented installations, products, aesthetic forms and concepts, some simple, others complex, to challenge the Vogue Living team’s perceptions.


DAY 5: Friday 20 April
Foscarini: ‘Stewie’ lamp by Luca Nichetto
Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27

Our pick of new lighting designs at Foscarini proves inspiration for high-end design can come from surprising sources. The ‘Stewie’ floor lamp takes its name from a character on the subversive cartoon for adults, Family Guy.

Like its TV namesake, the lamp by Luca Nichetto sits low to the ground and has a distinctive personality. The expanded polyethylene horizontal shade is concave and houses within it a fabric covered segment. The materials, shape and light source work together to produce a soft glow.

Toshiba: ‘Passing on Project’ by Makoto Tanijiri
Spazio I, Via Tortona 31

Makoto Tanijiri’s ‘Passing on Project’ is a poignant installation supported by Toshiba that developed as a creative response to the devastating effects of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Focused on the role of light and the emotional connection and joy it can illicit, the evolving work sees visitors enter a completely dark room. They are instructed to pick up a transluscent white acrylic cube before passing through a plastic curtain into a space where the cube is placed into a shallow pond.

When it touches water the object is illuminated by an LED light that passes through the water. Seen together en masse in the pitch black against a silver foiled background, the glowing cubes look like a city scape at night.


The Nendo Collection for Bisazza Bagno
Bisazza, AREA 56, Via Savona 56

Bisazza Bagno unveiled its new collection of bathroom furniture within ‘transparent mosaic maison’, a dazzling installation designed by Japanese design company Nendo comprised of stacks of translucent glass tiles containing 24k gold leaf.

The installation provides a glittering foil to the pure lines of ‘The Nendo Collection’, a new range of timber bathroom furniture designed for Bisazza Bagno. The minimalistic Nendo range has a startling different aesthetic to the conspicuous glamour of the brand’s debut collections by European designers Jaime Hayon and Marcel Wanders.

Dominated by rectangular forms created out of blonde larch, a timber commonly used in saunas, the collection references traditional Japanese wooden baths while bringing an understated style that accentuates the serenity found in simplicity.
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Producers: David Clark and Zoe Jeffrey
Photographer: Paul Barbera
Text: Madeleine Hinchy

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