Milan Design Week 2012: Film footage

Our July/August issue went on sale today featuring a 28-page special showcasing our top picks and key influences from Milan Design Week – the world’s best design fair. While at the fair the Vogue Living team captured some of the movement and atmosphere via film, all of which are featured below. Designer’s are also getting savvier about the value of multimedia content in communicating the ideas behind their work and we have included a video put together by designer  Jólan Van Der Wiel to convey the intriguing manufacturing process behind his ‘Gravity’ stool.
‘Root’ by Kornelia Knutson and Gabriella Rubin

The ‘Root’ food storage system seeks to minimise food wastage caused by conventional refrigerators. Terracotta pots keep vegetables fresh while root vegetables, such as carrots, are stored vertically and buried in moist sand to increase their longevity.

The Nendo Collection for Bisazza Bagno

A larch-wood sliding cabinet was part of a new minimalist bathroom furniture range by Japanese design studio Nendo for Bisazza Bagno. The collection is a stark contrast to the decorative collections by Jaime Hayon and Marcel Wanders, who have also designed for the brand.

‘Colour One’ by Mini and Scholten & Baijings

Automobile brand Mini worked with Scholten & Baijings on ‘Colour One’, which featured a deconstructed Mini One model, the components of which were remade as art objects: the car door was taken out and given a matt-porcelain finish and a skirting of neon pink; the steering wheel remade as a yellow sculpture and the body perforated and brought into focus as a single entity.

Gravity stool by Jólan Van Der Wiel

The freakish forms of Jólan Van Der Wiel’s ‘Gravity’ stool are created with a specially devised machine that uses opposing magnetic forces to stretch the material (plastic particles with metal cores) in between as shown in this video by Miranda Stet.

Cassina ‘Refuge Tonneau’

Cassina faithfully reconstructed Refuge Tonneau, a mobile mountain shelter that was originally designed in 1938 by Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret. The dodecahedron structure is made with an aluminium exterior to withstand the extreme weather of the Swiss Alps. The two-storey hut is a study in effective use of space. Hosting up to eight people, the neat pinewood interior is organised with space-saving features, including a central steel pillar that warms the interior, foldaway beds and a minute kitchen.

SodaStream ‘Source’ carbonation system

Yves Béhar reworked all elements of SodaStream’s home beverage carbonation products to create the ultra-streamlined ‘source’ soda system and a series of compostable flavour pods.

‘Surface Tension’ lamp by Front

Swedish design studio Front, above, finds beauty in brevity and highlights the amazing efficiency of LED light sources with ‘Surface Tension Lamp’. Part of a collection of lighting by new Dutch brand Booo that eliminates the distinction between lightbulb and lampshade, the lamps create their own ephemeral shades out of mechanically blown bubbles which briefly appear and catch the light (emitted by an LED, which transforms the surface into a transluscent multicoloured mirror) before bursting. The lamps produce three million bubble globes before their LED dies out..


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