Object Lesson: The home of interiors stylist Megan Morton


Interiors stylist Megan Morton opens the doors to her Sydney home, where objects and artworks are mixed with a considered eye.

Megan Morton is a voyeur. She has observed how countless people live, scoped their spaces, rifled through and rearranged their possessions. As one of Australia’s most talented and high-profile interior stylists, it’s par for the course. How we choose, build and feather our nests is Morton’s obsession and the source of her insatiable curiosity. It’s a trait that has served her well making some of the world’s most beautiful residences camera ready and dispensing pithy observations of decorator dos and don’ts, gleaned from years of house peeping and preening.

“Styling is all about sharing,” she says. “A good stylist forms symbiotic relationships and seeks out unusual partnerships. Then, it’s about protecting the reader from a space’s flaws while being generous enough to celebrate its beauty.” It is with a degree of irony that the lens is now focused on Morton’s own home, a house that has been strictly off limits for one reason or another, until now.

In 2006, Morton and her husband Giles moved from Sydney’s inner-east suburbs to an unremarkable red-brick house with a fine outlook in leafy Lane Cove. Morton had made the surprising move to divorce her family from the affectations of eastern-suburbs life. “I grew up barefoot on a banana farm outside Brisbane. I wanted something of that goodness and simplicity for my family,” she explains.

Like the fashion designer who wears jeans and a t-shirt at home, her own home was always meant to be the antithesis of the designer houses into which she breathes life. The Morton household is a place where school bags, nappies, flutes and guitars, bowls of cornflakes and cheery domestic chaos reign, in daily contrast to the sublime calm she divines as a stylist. Her love of beauty is a powerful thing, something that three children and a frenetic career enhance, not suppress. The house hints at ideas borrowed from homes that have inspired her, such as the dramatic ferns that fringe the hallway. Clever catch-all tricks she has learned along the way include the use of white-washed walls with dark polished wooden floors. The house is filled with what she describes as a “graveyard of styling props”, mixed with objects she has fallen for on sourcing expeditions from Big W to Marrakech.

Hermès saddlery casually plays with gymkhana memorabilia (“old objects comfort us”) and her children’s artwork. Scattered about is the work of milliners, floral sculptors, jewellers and the carpenter with “lovely grey eyes” – many of whom she has mentored and more of whom she has championed. Not overly planned or coordinated, it’s a wonderfully vivid tableau. “Placement is the difference between magical and ho-hum,” she says. “It’s the secret underpinning of anything breathtaking.” Morton’s knack of not taking herself too seriously is perhaps why her voice resonates with so many. She readily lists her greatest decorating faux pas, including a garage door painted gold (saying so, she reconsiders, and thinks she might just give it another shot) and an entire patio painted canary yellow, which she maintains instantly dropped the property values on the street. Happily, the mistakes are few and far between.

This year promises to be a hallmark one for Morton with Things I Love, a follow-up to her successful book Homelove, slated for a November release, adding to the recent opening of her design workshop The School in a shared space with furniture makers Koskela in Sydney. Morton sees ‘placement’ as a better word for what she calls the “terrible fruit, flower and fluff connotations” of styling. There is no sign of that in her home. On the living room wall, a plain piece of wire carefully fashioned into a cursive phrase says it all: It’s beautiful here.

This story was first published in Vogue Living July/August 2012, on news stands and Zinio now. See more images of Megan Morton’s home on the Vogue Living pinterest.


Photographer: Anson Smart
Text: David Prior
Producer: Room Images


4 Responses to “Object Lesson: The home of interiors stylist Megan Morton”
  1. jean cave says:

    Exquisite. It must have a wonderful ambiance.

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