Road to Damascus

In 2010, David Prior and photographer Pablo Zamora visited Damascus for Vogue Living to document and capture the beauty of the world’s oldest city. Our feature never ran. As war and rebellion broke out in the streets of Syria against Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime, we shelved our story out of respect for a country in crisis. Now, for the first time, we take a look at their extraordinary photographs that vividly depict the traditions, beauty and culture of Damascus and the enduring nobility of its people.
Children play in the forecourt of the Umayyad Mosque.
Two women holding hands walk from the Umayyad Mosque.
A vendor selling rose and tamarind tea in the Souk Al Hamidyeh.
A Saudi man walks past a characteristic door to a Damascene house.
A textile salesman awaits customers in the Souk.
Light streams in from the roof of the ‘perfume souk’.
Hommus with whole chickpeas accompanied with pickles and fresh mint is the street food of choice.
Damascus’s souk is roofed by an elegant, centuries old structure that represents a vaulted iron rib cage.
The forecourt of the Umayyad mosque is inadvertently polished by the visitors’ socks.
Fabric provides shade from the sun.
Manoushe bread dough awaits the oven.
A baker’s son looks into the camera.
All photographs by Pablo Zamora. For the full album of Pablo’s images of Damascus, see the Vogue Living Facebook page.
4 Responses to “Road to Damascus”
  1. malakretova says:

    Absolutely stunning images! I’d love to visit Damascus.

  2. beautiful photogragphs

  3. missmyrna says:

    You may want to rephrase “brutual regime” as they are not! They are fighting for their country and trying to save lives.

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