In the Art World: 1 – 7 October

Food, nature and public toilets – artists around Australia explore the domestic, urban and the obscure in our round up of some of the best exhibitions opening at museums and around Australia this week.
1. Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life
Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney NSW. 2 to 20 October 2012. Opening Saturday 6 October, 4pm to 6pm.
Art + Food: Beyond the Still Life considers the representation of food within the visual arts and beyond the standard still life tableaux. Highlights include the disconcerting sculptures of Sarah Field, a large installation of biscuit tins amassed by the artist Christine Turner over fifteen years and an installation by Sue Saxon and Jane Becker of hundreds of fragile eggshells on strands of lights. This exhibition is a Crave Sydney International Food Festival event.

2. Noel McKenna: The Piano of My Brother
Darren Knight Gallery, 840 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo Sydney NSW. 6 October to 3 November 2012. Opening Saturday 6 October, 4pm to 6pm.
Noel McKenna continues his focus on the domestic and the local with an exhibition of new works featuring imagery typical of the artist including cats, teapots and homes. The artist will also exhibit new map paintings, this time mapping the public toilets of the Sydney CBD.

3. New Graphic Sculpture by Emily Floyd
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Darlington Sydney NSW. 6 October to 10 November 2012. Opening on Friday 5 October, 6pm to 8pm.
New Graphic Sculpture continues Emily Floyd’s long term creation of abstract spatial structures and three dimensional graphic forms utilising literary, political and theoretical writing as a point of departure.

4. Vin Ryan & Kent Wilson
Anna Pappas Gallery, 2-4 Carlton Street, Prahran, Melbourne Vic. 4 October to 10 November 2012. Opening Wednesday 3 October, from 6pm.

Vin Ryan explores urban environments in a series of works exploring the dialogue between nature and culture. The exhibition will include a series of drawings of urban environments, street signs and common plants that allude to mock botanical studies.

For his first solo exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery, Kent Wilson explores our connection to nature through the materiality of wood and looks at its origins in plant growth.

5. Philip Wolfhagen: The Indelible Blue Line
Bett Gallery, 369 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart Tas. 5 October to 2 November 2012. Opening Friday 5 October, 6pm until 8pm.
Tasmanian artist Philip Wolfhagen presents a series of new oil and beeswax landscape paintings.

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