Icons By Icons: Australian architecture exhibition

Australian architecture icons come together in Sydney for an exhibition that captures the dynamism of contemporary Australian residential architecture.

It isn’t often that you see some of the biggest names in Australian architecture – Sydney’s Luigi Rosselli, Melbourne’s John Wardle and Kerry and Lindsay Clare from Brisbane, for example – all together in one room. But on Friday 12 October, architects from around the country gathered at the Redfern showroom of Studio Becker for the opening of Icons By Icons. The exhibition features 24 ‘iconic’ houses by 12 ‘iconic’ Australian architects and is curated by Dale Jones-Evans, an awardwinning architect and Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney.

Exhibition participants:
Melbourne – Denton Corker Marshall, John Wardle, McBride Charles Ryan, Sean Godsell
Sydney – PopovBass, Durbach Block Jaggers, Glen Murcutt, Ian Moore, Luigi Rosselli, Peter Stutchbury
Brisbane – Donovan Hill, Kerry + Lindsay Clare

Jones-Evans asked each of the architects and firms involved to exhibit two examples of their bespoke residential work. The first project would be one they considered as seminal in the development of their career and the second, a house that was in progress or had recently been completed.

The juxtaposition of the two projects, shown side-by-side in drawings, photographs and models, provides a fascinating snapshot of the state of contemporary architecture in Australia.

Icons By Icons exhibition is on 15 October to 10 November 2012 at Studio Becker, 52-54 Turner Street, Redfern Sydney NSW. Visit Studio Becker for more information.


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