Steve Back’s incredible aerial photographs

With their intense colour, decorative use of pattern and line and lack of references to land or sky, it’s easy to mistake Steve Back’s aerial photographs for abstract paintings.

Photographed over three years in remote areas of Western Australia and South Australia, Steve Back’s Terra Incognita – unknown land – series is currently showing at Global Gallery in Sydney.

The dramatic pink-hued photographs are from his ‘Pink Lakes’ series and are aerial shots of the foreshore of Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia. The pink colouring is Beta Carotene, a naturally occurring organic pigment produced by algae in the water.

The Lagoon hosts one of the world’s largest micro algae production plants with the pink pigment harvested and used as food colouring and as a source of Vitamin A in health supplements.

A well-known commercial photographer known for his architectural and interiors work, the exhibition is Brack’s second major fine art exhibition.

Terra Incognita is at Global Gallery, 5 Comber Street, Paddington, Sydney NSW, until Sunday 4 November 2012. Join Steve Back for afternoon drinks Saturday 3 November, 2pm until 4pm. Visit

Photographs: © Steve Back


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