Dinosaur Designs for Vogue Living – Design Miami 2012

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs journeyed to this year’s Design Miami for Vogue Living to report on the global design forum which has become one of the world’s most significant stages.

Like an ice cave of white inflated marshmallows arranged at different heights, the ‘Drift’ entrance pavilion by Snarkitechture provided the buzz of excitement and anticipation as Design Miami kicked off.

‘Drift’, by Snarkichtecture.

‘Drift’, by Snarkichtecture. Photo by Dinosaur Designs.

Based in New York, the award-winning Snarkitechture, headed by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen were commissioned by Design Miami to create their version of a classic fairground tent. “Drift” is indicative of Snarkitecture’s work – a practice that fuses elements of art and architecture to create a visual feast. The installation created a floating environment, resembling a mountainous landscape from the outside and a cave inside, with elusive stalactite forms. The long cylinders of white vinyl, vertically arranged, covered the entrance courtyard and could be lifted and rearranged to create areas of rest for visitors.

‘Drift’, by Snarkichtecture. Photo by Dinosaur Designs.

‘Drift’, by Snarkichtecture. Photo by Dinosaur Designs.

Inside the tent, filtered light passed between the floating tubes, which, together with the tubes’ marshmellowy softness, contrasted with the structure’s enormous presence, visible from a great distance. We loved being greeted by such an unexpected installation, prompting us to think about the mystery that lay inside…


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