Dinosaur Designs for Vogue Living – Design Miami 2012 (Pt II)

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs journeyed to this year’s Design Miami for Vogue Living to report on the global design forum which has become one of the world’s most significant stages.

The Pool NYC, ‘Organic Institutions’

We love rugs. We love nature and the organic world. We also love art. Since visiting Martin Roth’s exhibition as part of The Pool NYC’s ‘Organic Institutions’ and seeing all these elements combined, we’ve been discussing issues of art and whimsy versus practicality. Put simply, Roth’s art comprises a collection of Persian rugs with grass growing through it. I (Louise) think it’s great and enjoyed Roth’s intention to challenge the viewer to “re-evaluate our relationship with the natural world’ and see ‘how nature has already been domesticated’. Steve got it, but had issues with the effect our dachshund, Skipper, would have on the art.

The Pool NYC Rug

Parhelia: Asif Khan for Swarovski Crystal Palace

Asif Khan’s installation for Swarovski’s Crystal Palace series features the amazing use of light which seems to elevate this deceptively simple structure. At nearly 20 feet tall, Khan’s palace ‘Parhelia’ (derived from the Greek, meaning ‘beside the sun’) is obviously very strong – it’s constructed using over one million crystals. It’s an optical phenomenon in which sunlight filters through air-borne ice crystals to create halos, which follow you around the room. There’s a wonderful conversation between the translucent delicacy of the crystals and the strength of the building, which has created a very pure form. The constant change of light throughout the day means that every moment  in Parhelia is different and unexpected.

Parhelia is the Swarovski’s 10th Crystal Palace, an experimental platform developed by Nadja Swarovski to collaborate with designers, architects and artists who create spectacular installations using crystal as their core medium. Asif Khan is an award-winning British architecture office established in 2007 and based in London. Highlights include the Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

View the video, below.


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