Dinosaur Designs for Vogue Living – Miami 2012 (Pt III)

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs journeyed to this year’s Design Miami for Vogue Living to report on the global design forum which has become one of the world’s most significant stages.

The Random International Temporary Printing Machine

This exhibit by London-based collective Random International inhabits the space somewhere between a mirror, a portrait and a printer. As we stand in front of the Temporary Printing Machine, it reacts with our body heat to create a momentary ‘printed’ image of us, which disappears as quickly. It had us mesmerised and provoked thoughts about self-perception, body image and even life and death within the fleeting images it produces.

Random International Temporary Printing Machine

‘Masks’ by Bertjan Pots

When we first saw Bertjan Pots’ incredibly vivid masks staring back at us from the wall, we were struck by the real sense of movement each one embodies. They have a funky, vibrant energy that’s seems woven in to their very fabric, creating distinct character.

Bertjan Pots Masks

Starting out in 2010 making large, flat carpets by stitching together rope, Pots noticed that the samples he created were becoming ‘curvy’. It wasn’t long before he ditched the idea of rugs and, at a friend’s suggestion, started employed the same technique to make his masks.

Bertjan Pots Dinosaur Designs Miami 6

There’s a real juxtaposition between the tribal artefacts they recall and the very western aesthetic of Bertjan Pots. It’s difficult not to be drawn in by their magnetism.

Bertjan Pots Dinosaur Designs Miami 4

Images courtesy Random International and © Dinosaur Designs.


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