Dinosaur Designs for Vogue Living – Design Miami 2012 (Pt IV)

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs journeyed to this year’s Design Miami for Vogue Living to report on the global design forum which has become one of the world’s most significant stages.

Maria Nepomuceno

There’s something very special about Maria Nepomuceno’s sculptures. I was fascinated by the way in which she’d taken a part of her Brazilian heritage and made something very contemporary. There’s a beautiful sophistication to her organic weaving which transcends the traditional craft techniques she uses in her art.  These pieces were part of an exhibition of works collected by Miami’s Rubell family and form part of one of the world’s largest, privately owned contemporary art collections. It’s amazing that braided straw, rope and pearl beads can be transformed in to something so magical. We felt very privileged to have seen it.

Maria Nepomuceno sculpture

Limited-edition scarves for Hermés by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto is renowned as a master of black and white images so it was a lovely surprise to see his exuberant, colourful collaboration “Colors of Shadow” with French luxury fashion label Hermes. Comprising a collection of 20 limited-edition silk scarves, Sugimoto depicted seas, horizons and sunsets with dense, bright colours. Each piece was so beautiful, elegant and simple; we could sit and watch each piece for hours, the beauty was so deep. It was reminiscent of being in the Rothko room at Tate Britain, so powerful were the images.


Sugimoto drew his inspiration from Sir Isaac Newton’s dispersive prism which decomposes white light into the colours of the spectrum. He actually built a prism in his studio, which refracted morning light into an array of colours onto the white walls of the studio. He then photographed the colours daily at dawn; a selection of these Polaroid photos were chosen together with Hermes artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas and  printed onto panels of silk using the most advanced inkjet-printing technology.

Sugimoto is the third artist to collaborate with Hermés to produce a limited-edition collection of scarves and was exhibited at Design Miami as part Art Basel Miami.

Images courtesy Maria Neponuceno and © Dinosaur Designs.

2 Responses to “Dinosaur Designs for Vogue Living – Design Miami 2012 (Pt IV)”
  1. James says:

    Do any of these pieces of art have names? I’d be interested to hear what Maria Nepomuceno has called hers.

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