Milan Design Week: Day Three

Vogue Living‘s editor-in-chief Victoria Carey reports from day three Milan Design Week: from Marni to Paola Lenti to conversations with Nendo head designer Oki Sato.



“I’m addicted to design and I think about design 24 hours a day. This is only a part of what I’m doing: I’m working on more than 220 projects at the same time,” explains Oki Sato. Clearly, Nendo’s chief designer and co-founder is busy – and there’s no denying that he is the man of the moment in Milan.


Clusters of ‘Stone Garden’ tables hold each other up by their overlapping Caesarstone tops.

We’re speaking to Sato at the Palazzo Crivelli in the Brea district, where the one-legged ‘Stone Garden’ tables he created for Caesarstone were joined by a collection of ‘Stone-Edge’ tables.


Nendo's ‘Deep-Sea’ collection expresses the technical manipulation of colour, cut and adhesion for sheet glass.

‘Stone-Edge’ tables by Nendo

But this is not his only representation in Milan — the Japanese designer has about another 18 projects to be seen in this northern Italian city: from his Patchwork glass collection for Lasvit to ‘Surface’ for Louis Vuitton, his work seems to be everywhere we visit. 



Composed of a low table and shelf, Nendo’s Deep-Sea collection expresses the technical manipulation of colour,
cut and adhesion for sheet glass. To achieve the blue hues, Nendo fused a layer of coloured film onto each surface,
multiplying the number of sheets to intensify and deepen each shade.


Nendo’s Patchwork collection for Lasvit

It’s appropriate that a visit to Design Week in 2002 was when it all began for Nendo, “It was like a graduation trip. I had just finished school and had nothing to do, so I came to Milan to see the furniture fair. And I noticed that design was something that makes people happy. Everyone seemed happy and excited about it. We decided we wanted to be exhibitors and that’s how Nendo started,” Sato explains.


Vogue Living editor Victoria Carey interviews Nendo head designer and co-founder, Oki Sato

Vogue Living editor Victoria Carey interviews Nendo head designer and co-founder, Oki Sato



One of Paola Lenti’s signatures is her use of colour, so it’s not a great surprise to be greeted by an explosion of hot pink, violet blue and acid green when you walk through the exhibition of her latest work. The Milanese designer has again chosen Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, a 15th-century Franciscan monastery, as the site for her aptly named In the Key of Colour collection — a visit to this tranquil oasis with its orchard and expansive gardens is definitely a bright spot in Milan Design Week.linebreak



Amongst all the super brights is the verdant calm of ‘Greenery’. With a drip irrigation system, this green wall is the ideal solution for all frustrated gardeners living in confined spaces!




Paola Lenti is available in Australia through Dedece.





Last year’s 100 Chairs proved so successful that luxury fashion house Marni decided to do it again. Using mainly recycled materials, Marni works with ex prisoners in Colombia to create chairs only sold in Milan during Design Week. With a metal structure and multi-colored PVC threads featured on the back and armrests, this style of chair is common in Colombia – but the Marni touch is seen here in the colours and patterns in this special edition of 100. The aim is to help prisoners with their transition to life after jail and all proceeds are donated to aid children with mothers behind bars. The 2012 Edition of Marni:100 Chairs has recently been nominated by the London Design Museum in the Designs of the Year 2013 awards.




Scattered around the chairs at the huge warehouse that is soon to be Marni’s new showroom is another project: Abi-Tanti, the migrating multitude, part of a global project curated by the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli Museo D’Arte Contemporanea.



On 13 and 14 April, a workshop will be held at Spazio Marni in Viale Umbria 42 to decorate the small wooden figures, or ‘nomads’, with a variety of materials also used in the Marni collections.



Words: Victoria Carey
Photography: Paul Barbera


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