Arthouse Gallery Sydney’s Annual Sale

Arthouse gallery‘s annual art sale exhibition, which puts affordable price tags on coveted artworks by some of Australia’s most esteemed artists, opens at 6pm tonight.

Works by 26 artists will be exhibited, including paintings and prints by the legendary Charles Blackman, watery studies by Martine Emdur and sumptuous still life oils by Dean Home. More recently established artists Belinda Fox, Leah Fraser and photographer Samantha Everton also feature in the exhibition, which is open until Saturday 16 June.

Bathing Blue Bronte by Martine Emdur (1998). Acrylic, 152cm x 167cm


DH_Kangxi_Picnic-As_the_sun_sets-LoRes.jpgKangxi Picnic – As the sun sets (2008) by Dean Home. Oil on board by Dean Home, 122x 235cm


JB13_OvercastOvercast by Melbourne artist John Baird. Acrylic and shellac on board, 120 x 90 cm


CB91_Minotaur(CB#0457).jpgMinotaur (1991) by Charles Blackman. Watercolour and pastel on paper, 45 x 38cm


LP12_Zou_Bisou_Bisou.jpgZou Bisou Bisou by Lulu Pinkus. Acrylic on linen,  61 x 46 cm


BF12_Up-turn_II_LO-RES.jpgUp Turn II by Belinda Fox. Intaglio with hand stain,  71 x 98 cm

Untitled I (butterflies-yellow background).jpgButterflies by Charles Blackman. Limited edition silkcreen print,  100 x 70 cm

PartyTime.jpgParty Time by Samantha Everton. Pigment ink on cotton rag, 102 x 115 cm


PS12_Ochre_Cliff_and_Outcrop.jpgOchre Cliff and Outcrop by Peter Simpson. Oil on linen, 153 x 122 cm


PORTER_ENSNAREMENT_OILPOLYESTER_98x130cm_2012.jpgEnsnarement by Hobie Porter. Oil on polyester canvas, 98 x 130 cm


IG11_Not_Seldom_May_The_Hour_Return.jpgNot Seldom May the Hour Return by Ian Greig. Oil on canvas, 100 x 200 cm



They Came Down From the Mountain by Leah Fraser. Acrylic on polyester canvas,  76 x 56 cm

Arthouse gallery, 66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Images courtesy the galleries and artists


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