Toby Burrows’s ‘Soliloquy’ Opens at Black Eye Gallery, Sydney

toby burrows soliloquylinebreakToby Burrows’s latest series of ethereal photographs, inspired by Shakespearean soliloquies and achieved with remarkable technical skill, will make its Australian debut tonight at Black Eye gallery, Sydney.

In an age where Photoshop often deserves as much credit as the photographer, Sydney native Toby Burrows‘s work almost defies comprehension. His first international show Fallen gained attention from the NY Arts Magazine and Dazed and Confused UK, as well as appearing on the blogs of Justin Timberlake and Kanye West, for their other-worldly qualities and the artist’s masterful technique, which avoids any digital manipulation.


toby burrows soliloquylinebreakWith a similar dreamlike atmosphere to his earlier works, Soliloquy emulates Pre-Raphaelite painting: organic studio techniques, flowing fabrics and underwater choreography soften the figures and create a frozen, sculptural depiction of the female form.linebreak

Soliloquy_01.jpglinebreakThe exhibition also features a video installation, shot by Burrows on set and accompanied by  soundscapes to amplify the moody works.

Soliloquy runs from 4-28 July at Black Eye gallery, 3/138 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst.

Words: Dijana Kumurdian
Artwork details: Muse, The Garden II and The Shallows, by Toby Burrows.


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