All-white Elegance: Brisbane’s Dîner en Blanc

Dîner en Blanc – a lavish, large-scale, all-white picnic established in Paris – has been adopted by fine diners in capital cities all over the world. This year mark’s the event’s 25th anniversary, as well as the sophomore Dîner for Brisbane.

Diner en Blanc Brisbane

Though it began by word of mouth, Dîner en Blanc has attracted thousands to its events worldwide, the grandest of which are the spectacular Paris, New York and London incarnations. To ensure the picnic is as magical as ever, several important ground rules are in place: make sure you are an approved guest, dress well and all in white, bring a table, two white chairs, an all-white dinner service of fine china and appropriate flatware and stemware.

To “see and be seen” is imperative, and participants are encouraged to flex their epicurean muscles, bringing a picnic basket filled with luxurious delights. Kept secret till the last minute, the dinner’s location is assuredly one of the most beautiful in its chosen city, last year taking place on Brisbane’s South Bank Cultural Forecourt.linebreak


Dîner en Blanc tickets go on sale this week. To register for the Brisbane waiting list, visit

Words: Dijana Kumurdian
Photography: Dennis Vogelsang, Vann Photography


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