Mokum Launches ‘Metropolis’ Collaboration with Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin, lover of all things Art Deco and dabbler in Chinoiserie, has just collaborated with New Zealand-based textile company Mokum on a collection of fabric and wallpaper inspired by The Great Gatsby.

Mokum launched their new Metropolis range at their Sydney showroom last night, and there to introduce the collection were Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin, who collaborated on the design, and Vogue Living editor-in-chief Victoria Carey. Large-scale patterns – such as the ‘Limelight’ or ‘Splendour’ designs rendered in rich colourways of gold and black or ‘Peacock’ – were designed to coordinate with the more minimal geometrics like the ‘Charleston Pearls’ and classic florals. Alexandra Gordon spoke to Mokum’s design director Stephanie Moffitt about the collaboration – scroll down for the full interview.

Alexandra Gordon: How did Mokum first get involved with Catherine Martin?

Stephanie Moffitt: We got a call from some of Catherine’s people asking us if we would like to collaborate – which was very exciting as we loved her first collection of rugs and wallpaper!

VL: Can you describe the way you go about putting together a collection with her?

SM: Each collection evolved differently. For our first collaboration on the Australia collection the development process was very linear as we had existing designs to select from to translate into textiles and refresh as wallpapers. With Metropolis it was a much more organic design process, with both design teams developing numerous designs and tailoring them to Catherine’s vision for the collection.

VL: Can you tell me how this collection varies from the first one?

SM: We wanted to create a number of mid scale geometrics to support the larger scale signature designs plus developed two constructions which meet commercial standards to give the designs broader application. Metropolis also features two exquisite trims to coordinate with Catherine’s patterns or add embellishment to any textile treatment.

VL: What are you finding inspiring at the moment?

CM: I am addicted to Pinterest, it is such an amazing visual research tool, I cant put my iPad down!

Metropolis by Catherine Martin for Mokum is available now.


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